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Credit Repair Tips from Bad Credit to Great Credit


In year 2007 I was starting to invest in real estate. I had a credit score of 800 plus. As they teach you in many investment groups and program to use OPM, other people’s money, I was informed I could use credit cards to invest in the real estate. I did so. I borrowed the money from the credit cards and guess what within a few days my credit score went from 800 plus to 642. How did that happen, I had borrowed to the maximum. There is one big factor that calculates your score which is balanced owed to available credit limit. It tanked my scores. Once I paid the balances off, my scores were up to 789 but not 800. Here I share with you my regular Credit Repair Tips how using the following simple tricks and tips can help you improve your credit score dramatically.

8 Simple Tricks and Credit Repair Tips to Improve Your Credit Score


  1. Pay off your credit cards: Pay off your credit cards every month if you can. If you cannot then keep your balance ratio less than 28%. As you start to go above 50% it will hit your credit scores negatively
  2. Pay your bills always on time: Many people get hurt because they either forgot to make the payment, or the bills arrived in the mail late etc. This will hurt your credit score the most. Keep an account of when your bills are usually due and using the bill pay system from your bank schedule your payments ahead of time. Late payments hurt your credit scores the most
  3. Have a variety of credits: The most significant impact on your credit score is from a mortgage loan. Having a mortgage will build your credit score fast and better. To get there you need to have a variety of credit. Have a variety of credits like credit cards, car loans, installment loans. Store credit cards hurt you more in the long run so beware before applying them.
  4. Create a History for your credit: The longer your credit history, the better your score will be as long as the history is positive. If you have a history of late payments or negative on your credit it will hurt you, but if you have been paying your bills on time for the last 12-24 months it will start to have a positive impact on your credit. Learning how Credit Repair Tips can help you establish an 800 Credit Score is the best way to go.
  5. Do not extend the limits on your credit cards: You have a number of revolving accounts. When using them make sure that you never exceed 28% of the available credit limit. If you have to make a purchase which will cause it to increase beyond 28% spread the purchase among different cards keeping in mind that the other cards also do not exceed the 28% balance ratio. Credit Repair Tips are available on websites like to help you improve your credit scores.
  6. Ask for Increase on your credit limits: One of the ways you can increase your score is by asking the banks to increase the credit limits on your credit cards. Remember the lower the debt to available credit limit ratio the better it will reflect on your credit scores.
  7. Do not have more than 3-4 credit cards: When you want to apply for credit cards, the most optimal number to have credit cards is 3 or 4. The best combination is to have a 4 trade lines. You can do this by having 1 mortgage loan, 1 car loan and 2 credit cards (from major reputed banks with Visa or MasterCard logos).
  8. Inquiries: Limit the number of times you apply for any type of credit. The more inquiries you have on your credit, the negative your score will be. Each inquiry can hit your credit score by 2 points.

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Credit Repair Tips from Bad Credit to Great Credit

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